Barts PE Builder


A new answer to antiquated boot discs



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Boot disks have always been very useful for repairing serious errors in your operating system that affect the boot up or working condition of your Windows session.

However, with the improvements in technology and performance, the size of the programs and applications has increased at such a rate as to render the boot disk obsolete.

To solve this problem is Barts PE Builder, this application will create a CD-ROM that includes a Windows installation and some components that will boot your PC even if you lack, or have a defective, operating system.

All you have to do is select the directory that contains the Windows installation along with any other useful files or directories (this last part is optional). The program also allows you to replace or delete files from the selection or recover stolen files, etc.

The results can then be saved as an ISO image or recorded on to a CD/DVD.

To access the program in your language, you must change the language option in the Builder menu.

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